🐸Arbistar Launchpad

Arbistar is a permisionless NFT creation, fully decentralized and on-chain. Exclusively on Arbitrum!

NFT Launchpad - The launchpad will allow NFT creaters within FrenChain with less development experience to deploy their NFT's onto the Arbitrum network. Providing them with the tools necessary for deployment and minting their NFT collections.

Cost? - 2% of mint funds which is less than all other permissionless NFT launchpads!!

Advertisement opportunities: Featured collections

All NFT projects can pay to feature on our launchpad website.

What is included?

- Collection shown on featured page

- No dev experience needed

- Social media links, mint & website links

- Collection of art shown

- We will also share your collections on our own socials

Price list

- 24 hours $10

- 1 week $40

- 1 month $120

*Must be a Crypto Scavenger holder*

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