Crypto Scavengers


We want to spread awareness of Crypto Scavengers, and bring our community with it! We will be launching our own store front where you can purchase with either RHC$ or $ARB & $ETH.
But this is no ordinary sweat shop like merchandise! Oh no, we want to create luxury, unique items that most projects don't as well as your run of the mill items such as clothing, bottles and so on.
We will make it our mission to collaborate with brands to bring the best value to our merchandise as we can (we are in talks with a few already!)
But it doesn't just stop there.. each chapter of our story comes with new art, and new merch.. BUT each set of merch we will diversifying into a new market, one that isn't or isn't often seen in the NFT merch space.. sidekicks and rivals you say? Watch this space!