Crypto Scavengers

The Characters

The smallest and the oldest of the cybernetic apes. The one that has been tested on the most over the years has in fact resulted in her being the most intelligent, smart enough to program herself and potentially even the other cybernetic apes. One could say she could lead them…
Once used by armed forces, he is regimented with broken English. He is tough, endures pain and is an excellent shot. He has little to say but everything he does say is sarcastic and insulting.
Used in machine testing, a hybrid of different parts, computer chips and data intelligence. He has a knack of being able to decipher exactly where Rabid hound coins are - he is a very dangerous weapon within himself…
Neutral between humans and his own kind, almost childlike. He has not been programmed and tested on as much as the other cybernetics. His strengths is his ability to communicate effectively between humans and his own kind
Unaffected by the freezing temperatures, he can freeze almost anything within his vicinity. He was rescued like this by Precocious in his cryogenically frozen state…
As X was tested on in radiation experiments, he has a radioactive energy field which could be his strength in many circumstances… or weakness.
Steroid testing experiments has left Mini Rage feeling very rageful, angry but very strong. He is not one to be crossed, especially considering he cannot control his emotions and is often very unpredictable